Your equestrian
Performance Experts

We have a skilled Physical Therapist with a good understanding of the demands of the equestrian athlete, both in and out of the saddle.

We follow the 4 step process with a team approach to identify your dysfunctions, resolve the issues, and educate you on how to reprogram your motor function to reduce risk of future injuries.

Step 1: Diagnostics

Complete a functional screen to identify the exact cause of your musculoskeletal dysfunction and further identify if it is a mobility or stability problem.  Progress to a riding specific screen.

Step 2: Injury Inducing Mechanics

Review your riding posture and barn chores using technology to correlate musculoskeletal dysfunction to injury inducing riding postures.

Step 3: Injury Rehabilitation

We address your functional limitations and then progress towards improving your motor control to reduce future risk of injury and to improve your riding performance.  This process is very important for your longevity in the saddle and goes beyond making an adjustment to your posture on horse-back.

Step 4: Communication

We take a team approach working with your trainer to get you the best outcomes for your top riding performance.

Are you looking to...

Take care of your body as well as care for your horse


Restore consistency and performance on and off your horse


Improve longevity with riding and horse care


A physical therapist that understands the demands of riding and horse care