Kink in your Neck?

In Neck Pain by Dave Nelson

Did you wake up this morning with a kink in your neck? So what actually happened to cause this pain in my neck that is really nagging? When we go to sleep at night our muscles take a break and all of our joints settle into place. If we wake up in the morning and we have a really stiff neck or a kink in our neck, this is typically a result of one of our joints in our cervical spine settling on a structure causing pain receptors to activate. Often this is very simple to correct by repeating movements with our neck in the correct direction to alleviate that pressure. In this video I share a few basic ideas of how to correct your joints. I hope you find this helpful. If your pain does not subside by mid day, I would recommend seeing a physical therapist by the following day.

Lower Back Pain Shoveling Snow?

In Back Pain by Dave Nelson

Lower back pain is the most common pain among adults. Our bodies follow Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this video, we explore how to safely apply the “opposite reaction” to our lumbar spine for pain relief. Lumbar extension stretching is appropriate for 80% of the folks with lower back pain as a result of repetitive bending and lifting. I recommend if your pain does not resolve by the following day to see your Physical Therapist.