Upper Extremity Nerve Stretch

In Upper Extremity by Dave Nelson

I wanted to share information about a common symptom I have been seeing lately: Numbness and tingling in the fingers. We have 3 major nerves stemming from our neck sending and receiving signals down to our fingers, the Median, Ulnar, and Radial nerves. They each are responsible for specific fingers. For example, the Median nerve is responsible for your thumb, first, and second fingers. In this video, I will share with you how to “stretch” the specific nerves in an attempt to alleviate pressure applied somewhere along the nerve pathway. As a physical therapist, when we have these cases, our goal is to identify “where” and “what” may be applying that pressure. My analogy is this; Nerves are like a garden hose running from your house out to the garden. If there is a large rock along the way, kinking the hose, we move the rock out of the way and then we’re all set.